American Leather – Leather Colors

Bali (D)

Sourced exclusively from Italy, this smooth, top-grain, aniline-dyed leather has a heavy protective finish that is easy to care for and clean. You don’t have to sacrifice beauty for an active home life.

Bison (F)

This thick-cut, full top-grain leather is noted for its plump grain and rich, soft hand. Produced from the most desirable hides in the world, its supple hand and natural markings reveal its unprocessed purity. A light protective finish enhances consistency and makes Bison remarkably suitable for many lifestyles.

Bliss (H)

This exquisite, full top-grain leather boasts Italian leather tanning artistry of the highest quality, handed down for generations. Minimal protection is applied to preserve the inherent hallmarks of beauty that are evident in a natural leather. The graining is very subtle and smooth, with exceptional softness that will only get richer with age.

Capri (D)

Produced in one of the oldest tanneries in Italy, Capri leather is marked by a rich, bold grain that offers enhanced texture and dimension. Skillfully finished with a subtle polish for added depth, it is both beautiful and durable. Offering color uniformity and excellent performance, this leather is the ideal low maintenance leather. Excellent for high traffic areas, kids and pets.

Dolce (F)

Inspired by the high fashion handbags, this incredibly supple Italian leather combines unbelievable softness and transparency. Natural visible markings and slight color variations are part of its beauty. Dolce provides a silky hand and smooth surface that is simply alluring.

Elmo Soft (G)

This full top-grain, chrome-free leather is produced from the most desirable Scandinavian hides by Elmo Leather in Sweden, a tannery known for its remarkable attention to the care and processing of leather. As its name implies, it has a soft hand as well as a smooth finish with subtle visible graining. Protected with a contract-grade finish, this leather is among the most natural and durable in the world.

Flagstaff (G)

A beautifully unique option, Flagstaff is a full top-grain leather, which is aniline-dyed with a burnished wax finish. The hides are tumbled to produce a distinctive, almost distressed, appearance. Flagstaff has a firm, waxy hand and exceptional depth of color.

Haven Heritage (G)

With its amazing depth of color, beautiful natural finish and light, subtle sheen, Haven is an exceptional choice for almost any décor. Haven is a full top-grain, aniline-dyed leather artistically enhanced with wax and oils to bring out its suppleness and sheen. A light protective finish enhances its wearability.

Satori (H)

Discovered in Italy, only the top 10% of quality hides can be used for this soft leather. This full top-grain leather has a light level of protection to beautifully enhance its natural markings and characteristics. Combining incredible softness with a full-bodied plump graining, Satori will only get more luxurious over time.

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