Modern Comfortable Recliners

Located in Norway, Ekornes  has created a luxurious recliner that is as ergonomically fit as it is pleasing to the eye. Designers and home owners alike love the Stressless line, it features some of the best looking, most supportive, and long lasting lounge chairs and couches in the world. We have a great time designing office hideaways with these recliners because they truly are the perfect place to getaway to either relax or focus worry free. View our best selling Ekornes chairs by clicking here!

Offices, living rooms, bedrooms, dens, and family rooms are a perfect place for a modern leather recliner not only for their wonderful for their coziness and superb functionality but style as well. With these european chairs there countless options that make designing the perfect room easy. No matter what your needs may be Ekornes has created this chair as the last recliner you will ever need, it is that simple. 

Beautiful & Functional Modern Rooms

From the base up, there’s nothing quite like Stressless.  The Stressless factory in Norway has designed the Stressless Line with the following features:

  • Top Grain Leather

    Only the best quality leathers have been selected for this line. Soft, supple leathers in stylish colors.

  • 360 Degree Swivel

    A beautiful Beech wood frame supports this chair and is built with a glided 360 degree swivel option.

  • Glide Reclining Mechanism

    Easy to adjust mechanism allows you to adjust seat aspects to your ideal comfort level.

  • Steel Rod Frame

    Superior design includes a steel rod frame meaning your chair is sure to last for years!

  • Adjustable Headrest

    Headrest with a number of positions for optimum head and neck support.

Modern Room Design With Stressless

The options that the Stressless line presents allows for the solutions a modern space calls for. The transition of work to leisure is seamless with this chair and it works with many design styles and color schemes. This beautiful leather adds a soft and inviting appeal to any room you introduce it too. The matching ottoman paired with this chair is perfect for any size and adds even more functionality. Shown with a luxuriously quaint end table designed here in San Francisco by Katie Gong this orange leather Stressless recliner is one of many Ekornes chairs we stock in our showroom.

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We love to work with those who want the best of the best, that is why we are so lucky to feature Ekornes at both our San Francisco and Benicia showroom locations. A variety of styles, colors, and designs gives this line the full range of possibilities so it can fit the needs of any modern home. Get in touch with a designer today by visiting our contact page or stop in at one of our premium modern furniture galleries!