Stressless Wing Recliners

Stressless Wing Recliner

Stressless Wing – a true recliner classic

Save $500 on a Stressless® Wing recliner and ottoman, office chair or LegComfort™ recliner in all Pioneer and Paloma leather colors until November 11th.

The Stressless Wing was launched in 1994, and is among our most popular designs ever. The modern, luxurious looks appeal to those with a classic sense of style. Behind the timeless surface lie modern patents like the Plus-system, which provide what you’ve come to know as the one true Stressless sitting experience.

Quick Ship ( 3 to 4 weeks)

Paloma: Black, Chestnut, Sand, Taupe, Light Grey, Chocolate
Pioneer: Dark Brown, Grey, Olive Brown

All other leather and fabric are built and shipped from Norway in 12 to 14 weeks.
Updated April 10, 2019